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We are happy to announce that Tjobs has been acquired by FlexJobs!

FlexJobs will be a great asset in your efforts to land the work at home job you want with:

  • almost 20 times the job listings that Tjobs posted
  • a larger staff to help with your job-finding needs,
  • and all the same efforts to provide true, legitimate work at home jobs and resources.

Tjobs' goal during the past 16 years has been to establish a viable telecommuting workforce that businesses could rely upon to carry on their jobs from home, and ultimately to enable workers to reduce or even eliminate their commute, save all that waste in energy, and cut pollution.

We are proud that we've been able to contribute to the growth in telecommuting over these many years, however we have realized that it's time for a change. As such, we are very happy to pass the torch to FlexJobs to help carry on the mission.

Who is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is an award-winning job service that shares our dedication to providing legitimate, hand-screened work from home job opportunities, and they are the one site we considered taking over Tjobs. FlexJobs specializes in hand-screened telecommuting jobs and other flexible jobs. They have been featured in national and local media, ranging from CNN,, Working Mother,, and many other trusted outlets. FlexJobs is an advocate for flexible work options, work-life balance, and the environmental benefits of embracing alternative work arrangements.

In addition to having over 18,000 hand-screened flexible job opportunities, FlexJobs also offers its members free skill testing, resume and job search tips, special savings offers, and a comprehensive Guide to the Best Companies for Flexible Jobs.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your support of Tjobs, and we feel confident that you will find an excellent job search resource in FlexJobs moving forward. Best regards,

- The Tjobs and FlexJobs Teams

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